Why do we have so many questions?

We are all on a journey called life. We only get one, and without a doubt, we want to make it count! The journey many times feels uncertain, dangerous, confusing because it is full of questions we are trying to answer: who do I marry? What is my career? Where do I go to college? The list is endless. The core of our struggle arises in our answer to four core heart questions every person asks at some point in their lives.

  • Identity - Who am I? 
  • Mission - Why am I here?
  • Community - Where do I belong?
  • Code - How do I live this life?

Whether we want to admit it or not, our search for these answers - which we must have - determines our direction in life and, ultimately, our destination on the journey.

These questions began in Genesis. Before the Fall, there were no questions. Adam and Eve lived in God's presence, and everything was clear to them. He was always available to talk about anything they wanted to know, but in a single moment, Adam and Eve chose to answer the question posed by the serpent themselves. God was no longer their source for answers, and the struggle of answering our questions is the story of human history. We live lives full of questions without any true answers.

Instead, we take those questions to the wrong sources as Adam and Eve did. These sources include our jobs, school, our bosses, our wife, kids, and co-workers. Not one of these sources can truly fulfill us, but what if, instead, we took our questions to the true source, the one where life is found? What if we took our questions to the one who created us and truly knows us?

What would happen if we decided to take our questions to God?

Identity - Who am I?

Identity is vital, as it is the first and most important question in life that needs to be answered. From here, all of life flows. God's purpose for us is to be in an intimate relationship with Him as our Father and us as His children. In the Garden, Adam was living as a perfect reflection of his Father, expressing His glory through life. This is our original glory, to live as God's children in an intimate relationship with Him. As Adam was the son of God, so we are to be His children in Christ Jesus once again. This is the center of our true identity, to be His children. Nothing else could define us more completely.

Mission - why am I here?

As we live out of our true identity as sons and daughters, we are ready and able to fulfill our Heavenly Father's mission for our lives. Mission flows from our identity as a Children of God. In the garden, God told Adam, "name the animals, subdue and rule over the earth, be fruitful and multiply." God wanted them to steward the Father's Kingdom on Earth, and in God's presence, NOTHING HAMPERED THIS MISSION. Now, we are to be about our Father's business as Jesus is. We have the same mission, bringing the Father's Kingdom to Earth in everything we do as sons and daughters.

Community - Where do I belong?

God our Father designed us to have community just like He experienced with his Son and the Holy Spirit in the beginning. We were created by community for community. "Let us make man in our image." Community was experienced by Adam and Eve as they fellowshipped unhindered with the Trinity. Nothing came between Adam, Eve, and God. Then, God commanded them to be fruitful and multiply, to go and make more image bearers so that the fellowship could expand!

Code - How do I live?

The code we live allows people to know who we are, allows our mission to be accomplished, and is essential in building a strong community. As sons and daughters, we are to live by our Father's code, looking to Jesus as our ultimate example and guide.

Join the Adventure.

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