Why Mighty Mens Trips?

cultivate True Manhood

Culture says men do, but we think true manhood begins by being. Specifically, being in relationship with God. As God's sons, we have the ability to tap into the person who created the universe, and yet most of the time we rely on our own strength and actions. It is exhausting, but what if we did not rely on ourselves anymore, but on the person who made us? At The New Frontier, we think living as a son makes us real man. We desire to equip every man with the tools and ability to be in relationship with God because we believe that all life flows from our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Father the fatherless

If there is one thing we know, it is this, that after years of trying, years of doing, years of ambition and hopes of security, we still spend most days wondering if we performed as a man should. The phrase - fake it until you make it - is a perfect analogy of what life can seem like most of the time, but this is not God's design for Manhood. He created us to go to Him for our every need; God calls us into the adventure of letting Him father us well. Whether our earthly dads are present or not, God wants to father us, and we want to help you learn how to let Him.

point men to their father

Because we believe everything flows from our relationship with God, we desire to point every man to their creator. We live in a world full of noise that numbs our hearts to God, and we want to show men another way, one where they do not have to kill their hearts to survive. We do this by giving you intentional time to step into deeper intimacy with your Heavenly Dad because we believe that when we are willing, God will do unimaginable works. At The New Frontier, we do this by calibration time in solitude, time talking around the fire, and adventuring together as men.

Get in the Saddle

"Courage is being scared to death,
but saddling up anyway"
-John Wayne

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