TNF Team

Chris Hartenstein

founder and leader

Chris Hartenstein, CEO of Hartco, Inc. and founding member of The New Frontier Ministries, bought Hartco from his father in 1998, revolutionizing the companies processes. Chris lives in Ohio with his wife Ruth and eight children. He has five sons: Robert, Judah, Jared, Seth, and Joseph, and three daughters and a daughter-in-law: Linsley, Isabel, Gabrielle, and Michelle. God laid the vision for the New Frontier on Chris’s heart after a tumultuous season in the family’s history. In 2012, the vision became a reality, and The New Frontier had its first official week as a ministry. Since then, God has grown the ministry tremendously. Chris loves being on mission in Montana with his family. He has a passion for his family and a desire for others to come to know the heart of our Heavenly Father. Together, Chris and his wife are warriors for the hearts of others and a Kingdom force to be reckoned with.

Tiffany Lenon

finance and trip logistics

Tiffany Lenon joined the New Frontier full-time in 2016. She works behind the scenes helping fathers, men, and women get what they need for their trips to Montana. She loves spending time with family, helping people encounter our amazing Heavenly Father, and adventuring in the great outdoors. Consequently, she gets to do all those things on staff! Her husband, Josh, the senior pastor at Red Door Church in Cincinnati, has also worked on the TNF team over the last several years. He has helped teach our content during the summer and features in our post-trip videos, where he and Chris talk through what it looks like to step back into the chaos of life. Tiffany and Josh have two young daughters, Story and Emmy, who love participating in the crazy adventures God has called their family into.

Linsley Hartenstein

multi-media content  Creator

Linsley, the eldest daughter of Chris Hartenstein, is a musician at heart. At the ripe age of 23, Linsley is a founding member of two bands and has released a full-length album called The Bitterroot Project under her band named Darity. She loves music, and after years of being a behind the scenes consultant for her dad, has recently joined TNF staff full-time as the head of Social Media. She is responsible for the reconditioning and branding of TNF’s presence in the world of the internet. She enjoys listening to her favorite musicians and is a full-time mom to her puppy Sage.

Jared Hartenstein

multi-media  Content Creator

Jared, the third son of Chris Hartenstein, has been around the New Frontier since its conception and loves engaging yearly with the sons who journey to Montana with their fathers. Now 20, Jared works as a videographer, photographer, and designer for TNF. He loves story in any form and is particularly fascinated by God’s intimate role as the main character in the story of humanity.

micheal Cassinari

cook and mentor

Michael Cassinari began working for Hartco in 2015. After some years working in the plant, he began working for the New Frontier during the summer as a cook. Along with Jarrod Breeden, plant manager at Hartco, Inc., the two have created a food experience unparalleled in modern America. Though Michael began as a cook, he has recently been working with Chris helping mentor those who participate in The New Frontier. Michael is also a musician, who released his first full-length album in 2019 as an independent artist under the name APM Music. He lives in Ohio with wife Kristina, and their daughter, Piper. He has a passion for worship and a heart to help others come to know their Heavenly Father.

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