Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Recently, I got back from the summer and fall trips of New Frontier ministry in Montana. It was an incredible time marked by breakthrough, mended relationships, deeper intimacy with our Heavenly Dad! After three weeks of father and son trips, four weeks of mens trips, and a ladies week, I am ready for two things: a lot of rest and getting re-acclimated to Ohio rhythms. What does that mean? Often for me it means getting back into whatever was there when I left: Our small business, leading the ministry, discipling men, leading and discipling my family, dates with my wife and daughters, guy time by the fire, etc, etc. Ultimately, I go back to what I know, what I think I need to do, and what is right in front of me. I usually return to all things that are controllable, predictable, measurable, etc. However, I’ve recently been wondering: Is that best? Is that really what my Dad has for me as I return? Are the rhythms I left behind what He desires for me to take back up again?    

         Last month we discussed rest (see past posts to learn more). This month we are going to discuss our rhythms and what they reflect about the realities of our lives.

        Things such as: our beliefs, priorities, fears, motivations, and more! Stay tuned but, if you want to get a head start consider reflecting honestly on this question: What do my rhythms reflect about my reality (my life)?

Your Brother,

Chris Hartenstein

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