Four Core Questions

Post By Chris Hartenstein
Who can give a man this, His own name?
GOD ALONE. For no one but God

Sees what the man is.
George Macdonald
Life is full of questions, and now we know why - the Fall. When Adam and Eve faced the serpent’s question in the garden, they chose not to take the most vital step: to the Father for the TRUE answer to the question. Instead, they decided to trust in themselves and the serpent, allowing a piece of fruit to change everything.

Ever since, we have been taking our questions to the wrong places, living from the wrong answers. Now, we live in a world where every question seems as important as the next, but not every question is created equal. The enemy makes us think they are, and at times, we give equal weight to what toppings should go on our burger, the color of the next car we buy, or the upcoming Netflix series we should watch, rather than focusing on the questions that determine the direction and destination of our lives. The questions that are core to our being are:

  • Who am I? Our IDENTITY
  • Why am I here? Our MISSION
  • Where do I belong? Our COMMUNITY
  • How do I live life? Our CODE for life

Because of how deep and core to our very existence these questions are, we must answer them. Our search for those answers becomes our life’s journey. Some search for a lifetime and never find the answers. They take their questions to everything and everyone except the one true, reliable Source. Their lives are broken and shattered on the rocks of wrong answers and the effect: a life that leads to despair, pain, and regret. The true Source, our Creator Father, is the only one who can answer our questions in finality, bringing life, freedom, wholeness, intimacy, and meaning.

Every morning, each one of us wakes up with a choice. We either listen to the cry of our hearts or ignore it. The more we ignore it, the more lost we become. Eventually, the cry of our heart fades to a whisper, eventually disappearing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s where your good Dad steps in. He answers every one of those questions. Why? Because He made you and knows more about you than any person alive. He says you’re His son or daughter. You are here to follow His voice and live out His mission. You belong in His family, the body of Christ. To live well means to live like Christ, as His sons and daughters!

So who is answering your questions? The Father or someone else?

Our Father loves you. Step into the relationship He is offering you today!


  • How do the four questions resonate with you? Why?

  • Where do you take those questions?  

  • How has that impacted your life and the journey you travel?  Does life feel full? Good?

  •  Is freedom a word you would use to describe most days?  If not, how would you describe life?
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