Creation vs Condition

As created beings, handcrafted by God himself, we all bear His image and have worth.  Not because of what we do, perfection, accomplishment, etc but because He has declared it over us. Our heavenly Father has shown our worth and value by giving Jesus’ life on our behalf. With that being said, remember that just because I am a created image-bearer does not mean the condition of my heart is right.  

Loving people like Christ isn’t about loving the condition of an individual’s hearts but loving them because they are created image-bearers of God. Therefore, the condition of someone’s heart does not give me an excuse to dishonor, or declare less worth over God’s creation and thereby withhold my love. I am called to love the creation in whatever condition it is in, period. Too often we look at others, declare their worth and value based on what they do, the color of their skin, race, nationality, religion, gender, and especially what we perceive as the condition of their heart. Jesus himself said, “I have come for the sick, not the well.” What was he saying? He came for us and the exact people who we are discounting because of the condition of someone’s heart. Our love should look different from the world, from our past. My love for God and His creation should be growing all the time.

- Chris Hartenstein