Wine and Wineskins // Billy Hare

Post by Chris Hartenstein
Hello TNF Family!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been discussing Jesus' analogy of the wineskins. He talks about the importance of leaving behind our old ways while walking forward as the new creation we are in Christ, pouring "new wine" into new wineskins instead of the old because the old cannot hold the new. As sons and daughters of a good Dad, we are called into a new life with Him. One that will bring a new heart and mind that will produce new actions.

We understand the folks reading these emails may have minimal experience or context for winemaking (we certainly aren't experts). To help this analogy become more relatable, we have asked two staff members of TNF to share a story about how Jesus' analogy has played itself out in their lives. 

Today, we want to share Billy's story, and on Friday, you will hear from Mike. We encourage you to watch the entire video below and then take some time to process it.
  • After hearing Billy’s story, what could you relate to?
  • Did it make you think about an old wineskin that you need to leave behind?
  • Take some time to process why it’s hard to leave the old that came to mind behind. Give it to your Father and make a plan to walk forward.
  • Did it help you identify fruit that came from you pouring new wine into a new wineskin?
  • Take some time to be thankful for the new creation you are as a son or daughter.
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