False True North

Post By Chris Hartenstein
"There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death."
Proverbs‬ 14:12‬ ESV‬‬
        Last week we defined True North as the direction of our lives when we choose to take the deep questions of our hearts to our Heavenly Dad listening intently to His answers and courageously following His voice. This week we will be defining false True North.  

        Remember, as sons and daughters, there is a Spiritual Magnetic Pull created in our hearts toward our Heavenly Dad. Just like the needle on a compass is drawn to the magnetic north pole of the earth, our hearts are always drawn to our Heavenly Dad, our spiritual True North. But, what gets in the way of us following True North?

        False True North is the direction we choose when we take our questions to any person, place, thing, experience, or ideology other than the Father. This Fatherless path leads to despair, disillusionment, discouragement, and ultimately, the wrong destination, leading us away from our Father and who He created us to be as men and women. We will always search because our false True North never leads us to life and freedom.

         Let's look at the compass. Watch this short video and continue when you finish!
What happens when we introduce a magnet to a compass?
        That's right! The needle deflects toward the magnet and gives us a false reading. If we followed that reading, it would lead us towards a physical false True North. Although the magnet is not anywhere near as powerful as the magnetic pull of the earth, it is in closer proximity to the compass, thus having a greater influence on the direction of the needle.
        When we take our questions to anything but the Father, we allow those things to be in closer proximity to our hearts than He is. This influences our direction, and the closer these magnets are to our hearts, the more power they have to change our direction and, ultimately, our destination.
        What happens when you remove the magnet from the compass, though? What does the needle do? It goes back to True North because the magnet is no longer affecting the needle; it is out of range. This is just like our hearts! When the world's answers aren't enough, our Father always draws us back to himself. We must remove the magnets that are leading us toward false True North. We will never find life if we do not. For a while, we may think the right direction we walk is correct, but our hearts, the Father's grace, and the orchestration of circumstances will tell us otherwise. In these moments, we must be willing to remove the magnets and redirect our hearts away from our false True North, so our hearts can recalibrate toward our Father!
        In my life, I have taken the question of worth or value to my work. When success doesn't breed fulfillment, I do one of two things, either I work harder (my false True North) or recalibrate my heart by taking the question to my Dad (True North). If I "work harder," it leads me in a direction away from what I truly desire and the heart of my Dad. My heart knows that it needs the answers my Father gives, and that is why it is NEVER satisfied with any other answer, but His! His answers lead me in a direction towards His original destination for my life, giving me life to the FULL!
        So where do you need to recalibrate your life, and listen to your Father, instead of the false True Norths this world offers?
  • What has the closest proximity and therefore the most power over your life right now? Why?  
  • Am I aware of where I am taking my questions? Why? Or Why not? 
  • What are some false True North's in my life that need eliminated? How do I do so? (Hint: ask your Dad for his answers, then let them sink deep in your heart) 
  • How is the direction of your life going to change as you take your questions to your heavenly Dad?  
  • What do you think the destination will be? (Hint: Think fruits of the spirit, freedom, wholeness)
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