Heroic Journey: The Return

Post by Jared Hartenstein
After discussing adventure from 30,000 feet in our last series, we are now looking at the
 process of adventure. Each of our adventures consists of three stages:
the Call, the Wilderness, and the Return.
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The Victory

After accepting the call to adventure and battling through the wilderness, we step into the third and final stage, the Return (Rom. 8:35-39). This is where we have achieved victory through the Hero of the greater story, our Heavenly Dad. We return changed, no longer operating from the same mindsets or habits. Instead, we are one degree closer to being whom our Heavenly Dad created us to be with a mind calibrated to our identity as sons and daughters (Phil. 2:12-13). Now, we must choose to continue living from our true self in our Heavenly Dad's greater story, no longer carrying the burden of life on our shoulders. Our return is the beginning of a new adventure. We become mentors to others on their journey. We share our heart's wisdom, strength, and experience to help others find the Path as they embark. Those whom we mentor will return from their adventures and mentor others, continuing the cycle of adventure. The call is never silent as our good Heavenly Dad continually invites us into adventure, but the question is, will we accept his offer of life and freedom? The answer will determine the direction of our lives and, ultimately, the destination of our journey. 

Stories around the Fire

After stepping away from school for the semester, I remember walking out of the registrar's office at Cedarville, feeling as if the world's weight lifted off my shoulders. Knowing my actions were irreversible, my brain started to run to all the lies that the enemies had put in my head, but I continued to rebuke them, knowing that whatever lay ahead was what the Father had for me. I answered the call to adventure, and even though the return looked a lot different than I anticipated, it was beyond the shadow of a doubt good. I am a different person now. When I hear the call to adventure, no matter how insane it sounds, if it is the Father, I want to answer, and I want to say, "Yes." And since going on that adventure, the Father has called me into multiple adventures that I never anticipated. I get to work full time for the New Frontier while working with a consultant on a book project I've been plotting for years, and I have started dating the most amazing woman I've ever met. I would have missed the goodness and blessing if I had rejected the call and lived in my smaller story, answering my questions. And even now, as I type, I get to act in a mentoring role offering my experience to you. Friends, my story isn't unique. The Father is always calling you into adventures; He will never stop pursuing your heart. So, as we close out this series on the Heroic Journey, think about what adventures your Heavenly Dad is calling you into. I have one question for you…

Have you accepted His call to adventure?

If you haven’t, choose to accept it right now. I promise it is always worth it.
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