Our Dad set Jesus' Rhythms

 You back for more?! Awesome, well done. Change is never easy, but always good; especially when it is in tandem with what our Dad is doing. Here we go!
Taking time to be intimate allows us to know what our rhythms should look like and what our Dad is up to in the world. Because we often measure life by ourimpact instead of being in intimate fellowship with our Dad, we regularly have rhythms that reflect more “doing” than “being.” This leads us away from Him, not closer. Our lives can look frantic and overloaded. Leaving us deeply dissatisfied. So let's look at Jesus…
Jesus was intimate with his Dad. His focus was first on their relationship and then everything else flowed out of that. He stated and modeled a lot about his intimacy and rhythms. For example:

  1. He went off to a quiet place often. (Gospels of John and Mark) 
  2. He came to do the Father’s will. (John 12, 14, 17)
  3. He came to bring the Father's kingdom. 
  4. He discussed his oneness with his Father. (John 17)

         It wasn’t just reading the Torah or going to the temple. It was more about being present with Him, listening to his Dad’s heart, and also sharing his own heart. As a result, he received all he needed from his Dad as a beloved son.

         With this kind of intimacy with His Dad - Jesus knew what His dad was up to and therefore able to have the rhythms he needed. His focus on intimacy and not impact was world changing. The same is true for us. He desires intimacy with us and will teach us what we need to be doing. Was there ever a person who made a greater impact than Jesus? The impact will come...look at Acts 4:13.  

         Jesus was our example of what it looks like to have good rhythms...it started with intimacy. How does that look for you?  


  • Would you say your rhythms reflect intimacy or impact? (Deep relationship with your heavenly Dad or outcome, results, etc) 

  • Do you see the truth in how Jesus lived? 

  • What keeps you from making intimacy a priority over impact? Be honest…

  • Ask Jesus to help you change your focus and shape your rhythms. Then act on it!

Your Brother,

Chris Hartenstein
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