When Rubber Meets the Road!

  This is our final week on rhythms. Well done and thank you for walking this path with us! A quick reminder as we get started: Our faith in truth becomes foundational to healthy rhythms. Second, let’s remember that our first and most important rhythm is to be intimate with our Heavenly Father. All the while, believing that impact will flow as a by product of intimacy. As we wrap up rhythms, we want to leave you with something practical.  
          Here are some basic indicators of what is driving our rhythms. This plays out in a myriad of ways, but can be measured by two simple outcomes: the fruit it produces and freedom it brings to our hearts. The fruit is the Fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self control (Gal. 5:22-26). The freedom is truth releasing us from sin, while bringing wholeness, healing, and our Dad’s goodness (Gal 5:1, 13; 2 Cor.3:17-18).

Here are some examples...

Faith vs. Fear
Am I moving towards something or am I running from something?

Dependence vs. Independence
 Am I asking, listening, and then following the voice of my Dad or am I taking things to my         own understanding, reasoning, and skill?

Expectation vs. Living Expectantly
 Am I looking for a specific outcome/answer or am I simply looking for my heavenly Dad to          fulfill His promises and show me His character?

Provision vs. Scarcity
  Am I trusting my Dad to care for my every need and deep desire for those whom I am                    responsible for or am I worried about having enough or knowing what is needed?

Stewardship vs. Performance
  Am I doing the very best with what I have and accepting the outcome or Am I striving,                   driving, and pushing to generate a specific outcome for which I am never satisfied?

Intimacy vs. Impact
 Am I trying to be closer to my heavenly Dad at a deep heart level (to be known by Him and           know Him) or am I constantly evaluating the results of what I do?
Hopefully, these help you see examples of fruit and freedom. There is more we could discuss about rhythms, but we are going to leave you with two questions to help guide you. Remember to ask yourself: What kind of fruit do my rhythms bear? Do my current rhythms bring freedom? If you’re really courageous, ask folks around you what they would say!

          Well, now it’s time for the hard, but good work of evaluating and calibrating your rhythms to what your heavenly Dad is asking.  

 Calibration Questions:

  • What is honestly driving your rhythms right now? Look at the present. Create your own comparison (faith vs. fear).

  • What kind of fruit are your rhythms bearing and where are you experiencing more freedom? Hint: If you cannot answer “good fruit” and “more freedom” - something needs to change!  

  • If you chose to be driven by good fruit and freedom how would your rhythms change? Invite Jesus into this question. Ask Him, listen and then follow. 

  • How will you practically implement this into your life?
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