Christmas Gratitude

As a family, we have been discussing gratitude. We have defined it as “thankfulness in action” or moving gratitude from a feeling to an action! This came to the forefront as we were traveling through the Bible via the lens of story. It became very obvious how our heavenly Dad is action oriented and expressive. He doesn’t just “say stuff.” He backs it with action; always creating, pursuing, loving, providing, guiding, correcting, redeeming, restoring, and reconciling etc.  
When we arrived to the Story of Rescue, it was evident how lovingly, passionately, and humbly Jesus surrendered as came for us. We were amazed by His action. It’s by His love that we are drawn to Him (1 John 4:19). His action draws us into relationship. One in which, He doesn’t just say “I love you.” He actively loves and desires relationships with each of us. It is clearly shown in the Bible how Jesus, our ultimate example, always expresses His love with action.  
Way too often, I am that guy who says - “hey, thanks.” and I’m teaching my kids that to. So this Christmas, as we enjoy each other, celebrate what an amazing heavenly Dad we have, and all Jesus has done, we will be asking these questions: Are we actively expressing gratitude? How are we doing expressing, through action, our thankfulness to each other and most importantly, to our Heavenly Dad? How are we drawing a lost world, who needs rescued, into relationship with our Dad through the expression of our gratitude?  

We pray that you had an amazing, peaceful, joyful and light filled Christmas!  

Love and blessings!

Chris Hartenstein
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