Battle Weapons: Scripture

written by Linsley Hartenstein
Over the past couple of weeks, we have been discussing the battle for our hearts and how to battle well. Now, we want to give you some really practical ways to use the weapons our heavenly Father has given us. First, let’s discuss how we can fight using Scripture.

Anyone familiar with the Bible knows it is no ordinary book. It is the living, breathing word of God that has been given to help us understand the epic story in which we are sons and daughters. Within this story, there are passages of truth that can be invaluable weapons if we choose to study and keep its words close to heart. Let’s talk about a few ways you can wield this weapon.

In order to use a weapon in battle, you must familiarize yourself with it. The Bible is no exception. It is crucial that we spend time reading and internalizing its words. If we don’t, how will we know what power or gifts it holds?

We understand that the Bible is an ancient text. It can be overwhelming to read and hard to understand at times. Maybe you don’t get it or find it plain boring. If you are in that boat, we encourage you to watch the Bible Project videos. Their videos will take you through the story of the Bible and will hopefully inspire you to study more on your own!

As you become more and more acquainted with the Bible, there are many ways you can use it, practically. Here are just two examples:

1.) Pray on the Armor of God, daily. Our good Dad knows that we are at war every day on this earth. Because of this, He put scripture in the Bible that would be armor for our everyday lives. You can find the Full Armor of God in the Bible and pray it onto yourself every morning or evening; while believing in the power and authority you have through Jesus to fight your enemies within and outside yourself.

2.) Do a word study on whatever you need to fight! Take some time and evaluate what battle you are fighting. What is the underlying struggle? Is it fear? Doubt? Whatever it is, go to the internet, and look up Bible verses on the struggle you're having or on whatever you need in order to fight (peace, hope, etc.). Read through the verses you find and whichever one resonates with you, pray it over yourself. Consider committing the verse to memory or putting it in a place where you can go back to it as long as the battle lasts.  

These are only two ways to use scripture to battle our enemies. As you grow in intimacy with your heavenly Dad and His words, the scripture will come alive to you. Bringing more, ways to use it as a tool and weapon.

- What is your current relationship to God’s word? Do you read it often? Not at all?
- What keeps you from reading the Bible regularly?
- How can you start seeing and using the Bible to fight the enemies in your life?





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